What Are E-Liquids and How Are They Revolutionizing the Tobacco Market?

E-liquids are juices that essentially produce the vapour from electronic vaporizers, which is the new revolutionary product in the tobacco market, posing as the perfect get away from the terrible hazards of traditional tobacco products like the cigarettes. Of course, this method of ‘vaping’ is not entirely safe and is still regulated and restricted from the sale to minors. However, it does present itself as a safer way to smoke in contrast to the really grave impact that cigarettes could have on one’s health. There are variants of this juice which are based on a multitude of factors and examining this spectrum makes it clear how it has revolutionized the market for smokers.


Varieties & Elements

There are several varieties out there, differing in quality, flavour or its nicotine content. They are mostly composed of propylene glycol (PG) or vegetable glycerin (VG), food flavouring, distilled water and different nicotine levels including zero. PG and VG help distribute the flavour and nicotine and they are the major component (90%) of the e-juice. PG is a compound used in vanilla extracts while VG is an organic-based thick liquid. Some people are into PG while others are into VG and the rationales behind it are also varied. PG produces a better throat hit as a cigarette does and VG is rather smooth and produces thicker vapour clouds, and it is all left to the preferences of individuals to decide which one is better suited for the e-liquid they want to take a hit off. It is also left to the individuals to decide if they want to have nicotine or not, depending on their needs and their efforts to maintain a distance from the substance.

The heterogeneity of the purpose as well as the options and choices available makes it a better and healthier alternative to mainstream tobacco products and is thus pushing itself into the main tobacco market as a revolutionizing invention.

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