Can you ssh into your own computer?


An SSH client is a program on your personal computer you use to Conduct Shell commands. These commands allow you to do such things as log into a host, download files, and manage data in your computer or a web server.

There Are Several Different Kinds of SSH clients you can Choose, based on your operating system. This article offers you a summary of a few preferred choices.

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Comparison of SSH customers on Wikipedia

What information do I want to join?

You’ll need the following info to link to your Server:



Server name or site title

View the following article for details on How Best to locate this information.

SSH summary

Mac Os X

Mac OS and Linux Systems currently have Integral Terminals you can use called terminal’.

The Easiest Way to start terminal’ on OSX is to use the spotlight search. Press COMMAND (?) + Space Bar and then form the word terminal:


Nearly all distributions of Unix/Linux include the OpenSSH package. Any terminal application (xterm, Konsole, and so on) may be used to begin a secure shell.

To open your terminal, then enter CTRL + ALT + hands on. This should Mechanically start your terminal where you can begin running controls. You could also seek out the word terminal’ in your supply’s dashboard. This changes based on which distribution of Linux you’re using.

View that the SSH overview post for examples of commands that you can use to log in with.


At the time of April 2018, Windows-10 includes an integrated Shell. You can utilize this as an SSH client with Windows Command Prompt or PowerShell. View the following post for information:

Using the Windows 10 Shell

There are also third-party clients you can use with Windows. Every Windows SSH client has its own unique way to become installed and started, but when you’ve set it up, there is no gap in further surgeries. However, each client is appropriate for specific (or general needs). So, you may wish to try more than you to find what is most effective for you personally. Here are a couple of options:


Client to your Chrome browser. At the time of January 2015, it’s still in beta release with known bugs.


You can locate several terminals in the App Store. Only Seek out’ ssh terminal.’ A favorite paid app is Terminus. But there are quite a few other alternatives out there.


Play store. Two choices are ConnectBot and JuiceSSH.

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